Turtle Friendships and Another Spring Haiku

April 27, 2018

Turtle Friendships and Another Spring Haiku


Nature is restoring me this spring in a way I didn’t even know I needed. Everything seems brighter, fresher, more vibrant than usual. Haiku time!

joy in: new green leaves
sun-sparkles on spring grasses
April’s waxing moon

Or perhaps the difference is me; maybe I am getting more in tune and responsive to the remarkable beauty and balance that surrounds us.


Anyway, these turtles at Lady Bird Lake in Austin tickled me, reminding me of the phrase,

I’ve got your back!

Literally. Don’t they just look like the two on the sides are comforting the pal in the middle, patting him or her on the back? I watched them for quite a while, and they didn’t move away from each other. Just three turtle friends hanging out in the late afternoon, watching the kayakers go by.

Life is good.

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