What the Car Saw: Evening Edition (plus haiku)

November 8, 2019

What the Car Saw: Evening Edition (plus haiku)


Daylight savings time ended last weekend, which means that until next spring, I’ll be getting home from work after dark each day (like millions of others). Last Friday, the final workday before this annoying and arbitrary time change, I was racing home to snatch a few minutes in the waning autumn light, hoping to relax in the backyard with the Grill-Meister, along with the dogs, cats, birds and flowers. A couple of miles from home, this is what the car saw: a gorgeous, fiery sun merging with the horizon while it generously backlit the clouds and turned the evening sky into a work of art deserving of a haiku.

from the car window:
fiery orb
and clouds painting
autumn masterpiece

I didn’t get much daylight in the back yard that evening, but capturing what the car saw was good enough. It’s the little things.

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