A Chicken-Fried Good Time in New Orleans is In Our Future

January 8, 2019

A Chicken-Fried Good Time in New Orleans is In Our Future


Now there’s one more way to enjoy my beloved NOLA: a chicken-fried festival of flavors. A plethora of plentiful poultry done right. A cache of crunchy chicken goodness.

Photo from Shoofly by Ellis Anderson; that’s the fried chicken from Willie’s Chicken Shack

Shoofly Magazine, the pride of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, did the world a public service by sampling the best of the best of the chicken-fried offerings in nearby New Orleans, and published a great article about it: The Grand New Orleans Fried Chicken Pilgrimage.

A simple story about a food festival grows to epic proportions when it kicks off the search for some of the city’s best fried chicken. 

– Shoofly story by Ellis Anderson

We’re a little obsessive about New Orleans here at Glover Gardens and are revving up for another Jazz Fest jaunt later this year. Shoofly’s tribute to fried chicken adds complexity to our journey, because we are already stressed by the “so little time, so many great meals to choose from!” dichotomy. But we’ll figure it out, and if we have to make extra trips to NOLA to sample the crispy chicken delights highlighted in the magazine, we’ll do it.

Photo from Shoofly Magazine by Ellis Anderson: the Roosevelt Hotel’s Monday night chicken

Give the article from Shoofly a read, and think about joining us at Jazz Fest later this year when we’ll be tasting the chicken and jamming to the tunes. Thanks to the folks at Shoofly Magazine for adding to the never-ending lure of NOLA.

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12 thoughts on “A Chicken-Fried Good Time in New Orleans is In Our Future”

      • The second Thursday is not a locals day. I’m not sure what it’ll cost – a lot – because the headliners are The Rolling Stones. It is not announced yet, but Jagger sang about it, and our booking agent confirmed it. It’s part of the 50th anniversary J&HF celebrations.

      • I’m having a real problem replying to you on your blog. What I said was the second Thursday is not a locals day. It is not covered by the brass pass. It will be very expensive because the main act is The Rolling Stones who have never played at Jazzfest. Although the J&HF is trying to be cagey, Mick already sang about it on the Stones announcement for the US Tour and the scraggly old guitar player who introduced musical miss and I, has invited us to be their guests. Good thing it’s the second week, we won’t be in NOLA for the first week. There are all sorts of rumors about other acts on that day.

          • The Stones aren’t a rumor, unless Keith is confused. Who else is coming on second Thursday is all speculation. The price our booking agent keeps talking about is $150 for the day.

          • Okay. So it’s musical guests announcement day. The Rolling Stones are the main act. Tickets for Second Thursday are $185. You are limited to two. Katy Perry was a surprise addition. Even NJ’s cousin — Gingger (2 gs) Shankar who plays bass in her band, didn’t tell us. There you have it.

          • Thank you so much! This notification illustrates the beauty of these online connections; I heard about this first right here in the Glover Gardens blog, way before the official announcement was pushed to me as a subscriber of NOLA Jazz Fest news. I’m really surprised by the hefty fee on a non-weekend day, even with the super-big names. But it’s a non-issue for us, because I’ll be at a conference in Houston that day.

            Thanks again for the info. You rock!

          • “Too much rock. Not enough roll.” — Keith Richards. Oh, it sold out. The locals allotment was gone by 6p on the first day. The rest sold out via Ticketmaster by noon on the second day. The J&HF paid a fortune for the Stones, multiple millions of dollars, so they had to adjust the prices upward. When they take the stage, the rest of JF shuts down.
            There was one great replacement, who I want to go see. Bob Seger dropped out because of a “scheduling conflict.” WTH? He was replaced with the ultimate singer — Diana Ross. You can see her for normal JF prices.

            Follow your doctor’s orders. Feel better soon. If you can walk without foot pain, you’ll be a better photographer. 🙂

          • I confess that I’m not a fan of Bob Seger (he belongs to a singer/songwriter genre that I call “Hairy White Guy”) …but also love Diana Ross. Do you know what day? And yes, I hadn’t thought of it, but I’ll be more “camera-ready” with good feet!

          • Diana Ross closes the second Saturday so May 4. (I think) It looks like we are going three times to JF. That’s more than I’ve gone in the last two or three years combined. The Stones, Katy Perry and Ms. Ross.

            You’ll be able to follow Robert Capa’s first rule of photography. “If the picture isn’t good enough, you weren’t close enough.” Of course, he got blown up by stepping on a land mine in Vietnam in 1956. Getting close enough.

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