All Together Now!  (Downtown Denver is cool.)

November 19, 2016

All Together Now! (Downtown Denver is cool.)


Thank you, Denver, for this wonderful sign.  It says a lot about you.


The Grill-Meister and I had a very late flight to Denver, and still, my eyes slammed open super-early.  So I slipped out and picked up a Starbucks and enjoyed the early-morning quiet of the downtown that had almost been a street party when we arrived at 2:30 a.m.  What a gorgeous morning!  What a cool city!  What a wonderful sentiment on the brightly colored sign around the corner from the hotel.  My early morning jaunt was a gift that put me in a marvelous mood for our day, the beginning of a Colorado holiday.


The streets were super-quiet outside our hotel, and the street cleaners had already removed the signs of Friday night revelry.  We only spent a few hours in Denver, but they were delightful.

Denver, you’ve got the right idea.  I’m glad to know you.  “All together now!”

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