Another Strange In-Flight Sandwich: Someone has a Sense of Humor

August 18, 2019

Another Strange In-Flight Sandwich: Someone has a Sense of Humor


Air France always feeds passengers, even on the 50-minute flight from Paris to London.

I’ve shared my amusement about this with you before, in this post: Still Not a Fan of Beets: Strange In-flight Sandwich.

Beet and Goat Cheese Sandwich
Goat Cheese, Beet and Raspberry Sandwich

I recently had another odd sandwich while flying the same route on Air France. I think someone there has a sense of humor.

The label said it was Cajun

“How interesting,” I thought, when I saw the label on this sandwich, musing about how French food influenced Cajun/Creole food – which I love – and wondering if the reverse might also be true. What would Cajun-influenced French food taste like?

There was no discernible Cajun-ness

Well friends, you’ve probably figured out from the photo that Cajun was completely missing from this sandwich. This sandwich couldn’t even SPELL Cajun. It was a thin slice of cheddar and some kind of creamy spread with a mild hint of paprika. Paul Prudhomme would have shuddered. I laughed.

How do they come up with these things? Maybe, like those random poetry generators, there’s a random sandwich generator…that would explain it! Let’s have a random haiku about it!

surprising flight food
a strange paprika flying
beyond the sandwich

I know, I know, this is one of my less-riveting posts, but sometimes, it’s just the little amusing things in life that beg to be shared.

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