Edinburgh Castle and Indigo Sky

February 17, 2019

Edinburgh Castle and Indigo Sky


Coming in for a landing yesterday evening over the Firth of Forth

A quick trip to Edinburgh has me tromping around on my post-surgery foot in the padded surgical shoe, camera in hand, ready to capture whatever this majestic city has to offer. I’ve taken more than 350 photos in the 24 hours since I arrived last night, and at least three of them are good. 😉

The foot is keeping up with me, too, I’m glad to report. My Apple watch recorded 13,000 steps yesterday, which isn’t too bad for being just 4 weeks post-op. I am soooooo ready to wear a regular shoe!

But this is not about that. This is about those magical moments when the light is just right, and you get a photo you didn’t expect. I was about to head out to dinner (more on that later!) and looked out my hotel window…the sky was indigo, and the camera was close by. The street below the castle is Grassmarket, where pedestrians stroll amidst pubs and restaurants.

Haiku: Edinburgh Castle in Indigo Sky

daylight turns to dusk
the witching hour's upon us
castle standing guard
Edinburgh Castle in perfect indigo dusky light

I love Edinburgh!

National Haiku Writing Month

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