Y’all know that I love to make up new recipes or tinker with ones that I find to make them mine. But sometimes, a recipe is already juuuuust right. (I flatter myself that I can tell by just looking.) You may remember that the Grill-Meister recently caught some trout, and I convinced him to smoke it – and then wanted to make a really good spread out of it. I set out to do my usual Google search, and found quite a few. But this one from Two Peas in a Pod blog stood out.

Look at how beautiful and substantial this smoked trout spread is…and the dish would fit in perfectly here at Glover Gardens

So I tried the recipe from Two Peas in a Pod, and indeed, it was perfect.

Why is it perfect? Let me try to describe it: chunks of smoky trout in a creamy spread with a bit of crunch from the celery, a bit of spice from the red pepper and a tangy finish from the lemon juice. After the first bit – on either a water cracker or a salty chip – you just want more, and more, and more. All I did to “enhance” this perfect recipe was add a bit more crunch by doubling the celery (because the Grill-Meister is big on a celery crunch in a salad) and sprinkle in a few drops of Tabasco.


The (perfect) Savory Smoked Trout Spread is in the top left. We served it on an appetizer platter along with some roasted game hen (center back), Pain Train Hatch Chile dip (center front) and my Avocado Shisito Salad.


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