Charcuterie Dreams During COVID-19

April 26, 2020

Charcuterie Dreams During COVID-19


This is a bit of a COVID-19 ramble.

One of our friends, known on Instagram as @carltheroaster, has been posting pictures there of charcuterie dinners during COVID-19 isolation. Yum! I appreciate that he’s taking the time to style the food before enjoying it with his lovely wife, the proprietor of The Haus at Round Top (@thehausatroundtop on Instagram). We eat with our eyes, right?

Carl the Roaster said of this pic on Instagram:
 again in isolation with a nice #amicipinotnoir

Carl the Roaster’s pictures always put me in the mood for charcuterie, and even more in the mood to commune with friends and enjoy these lovely, snacky meals together again, with a glass of wine or two (once all this coronavirus chaos is past). The photo below is from one of their get-togethers which included a very interested canine; I call it “A Nose for Wine”.

I’ve had several dreams during these social distancing times about wine and cheese get-togethers, and even one nightmare in which my friends all got together and created a cooking club – without me. That’s a FOMO (fear of missing out) dream if ever there was one. Are you having dreams?

Changing directions for a minute (remember, we’re rambling today), I created a post last weekend about an afternoon we spent last summer at London’s St. James Park – did you see it?

Last weekend as I was sifting through the pictures of that lovely afternoon from last June to write the post, I was reminded of how our day had started, with a walking tour in the historic Highgate section of London. Apropos of its name, this village is high above London and provides spectacular views along with country lanes, cottages, Georgian architecture and a fascinating history (but that’s another post, still to be written).

During our tour, we saw an old pub and knew we’d be having lunch there.

Historic pub in London

The Gatehouse might be the oldest pub in Highgate. According to its web site, its earliest written mention is from 1670, although it might be even older. The mock Tudor style it currently sports was from a renovation in 1905. It has a really interesting history, but again, that’s another post.

I liked the juxtaposition of the bus and the old building beneath the bright blue sky; you can see that the bus is heading slightly uphill

Wouldn’t you want to have lunch at The Gatehouse, too?

Bringing it back to where we started in this post, our lunch was—you guessed it—a shared charcuterie board, which was fabulous, memorable, and, now that I look at it, photo-worthy. However, in a stunning lack of judgment, I didn’t take any other pictures of interior of The Gatehouse or the beer garden, where we ate. Next time, I’ll do better…wanna come with us? The Gatehouse is temporarily closed until the pandemic is over, but I have confidence that it will reopen and be every bit as good as it was last June 30 when we stumbled upon it for lunch.

Carl the Roaster, let’s get together with our better halves and some other fine folks and recreate the charcuterie plate in this picture when the coronavirus fog has lifted, shall we? You can pick the wine.

Until then, it’s just charcuterie dreams.

Stay home, stay safe, stay sane and stay in touch.

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