Glasgow in December (2)

December 28, 2015

Glasgow in December (2)


I had to go on a last-minute business trip to Glasgow earlier this month and was musing about what it would be like at Christmas:  click here for the original post.

Glasgow did not disappoint!  I had to work the whole time I was there except on my arrival day (Sunday) and in the evenings, so I didn’t get a lot of great shots.  But another blog has done a nice job of profiling Glasgow and I’ve shared the link to their post at the bottom of this one.

Glasgow had Christmas markets, with food and fun and trinkets.

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And I was able to go to the Botanical Gardens, which was right across from my hotel in the West End (the Hilton – I recommend it).  The Botanical Gardens have neat stuff to do both inside and out, so you can enjoy it even in cold or rainy weather.

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Glasgow is a shopper’s paradise!  Try Buchanan Street, or the West End.

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And it is also a town for foodies.  There are wonderful pub/restaurants, such as Oranmor, a collection of rooms serving food and drink in what used to be a church.  The restaurants and pubs on Ashton Lane by the Hillhead tube station are also really cool, such as the Ubiquitous Chip.

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I really, really loved the food at Cail Bruich, which says is the 8th best restaurant in all of Glasgow, describing it thus:  “Inventive French-inflected food from Scotland’s natural larder in a relaxed, family-run atmosphere.”

If you made it this far, please take a minute to click on the Glasgow post from the Cewinta blog.  There are nicer photos and a bit of history.  Click here.  And finally, here’s a link to the blog of a retired librarian who posts from Glasgow:  click here.  She has a wealth of information about the city and posts about interesting literary events and travel.


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