Gulls of Aberdeen Harbor (including haiku)

September 4, 2018

Gulls of Aberdeen Harbor (including haiku)

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I’m a gull watcher.

I like them. They remind me of where I grew up, in Gilchrist, Texas on the Bolivar Peninsula. Where nothing ever happened, and yet every day was interesting and different. We had lots of gulls.

Join me in gull-watching, in Aberdeen, mostly in the harbor. Just for a few minutes. Hear them squawking and cawing, and smell the sea air. Feel the peace seeping through your soul as the staccato screech of the gulls is accompanied by the soothing sounds of the waves. A gull haiku:

gulls soaring, screeching
pulling me home to the sea
you should come with me

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I’m a gull watcher.

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1 thought on “Gulls of Aberdeen Harbor (including haiku)”

  • LoL. You do know that they are watching you, too, right?
    Also, you might like them but once they steal your chips out of your hand, you’ll change you mind. 😉

    Saying that, I was at the bus station last week waiting for my ride and witnessed a lady sharing her sausauge supper with a gull. She let him come right up and take chips from her hand. It was both funny and moving. I’d only done the same with a pigeon (not let it eat out of my hand, tho) a little earlier that day when waiting for my train in Edinburgh.

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