Suire’s Wows Again: I’m in Love with Their Crawfish Fettucini

September 3, 2018

Suire’s Wows Again: I’m in Love with Their Crawfish Fettucini


After an anniversary trip to New Orleans this summer, I waxed long and poetic in this post about Suire’s, a tiny, quirky, wonderful and welcoming cafe and grocery in Kaplan, Louisiana that serves spectacular Cajun food.

Now I have to rave about Suire’s again – this time, it’s about the Crawfish Fettuccini. Wow!!!

If you read the original post (and I hope you did – or will), you’ll know the story about the generous stranger who insisted on buying us a frozen container of the Crawfish Fettuccini.

The People of Suire's – Version 2
On the right is Katlyn, our Crawfish Fettuccini benefactor, with Joan Suire, one of the owners of this delicious and delightful destination in Louisiana’s Cajun Country
Below the baked goods where the Grill-Meister is selecting a house-made fig cake sits the frozen section – a freezer full of Cajun yumminess

The Crawfish Fettuccini Katlyn gifted us with has been sitting in our freezer waiting for the right time for us to savor it slowly and remember what a great time we had at Suire’s. Last night was the night. I’m messing around with crab cakes, trying to create the perfect Glover Gardens version. The taste is all that (according to my Official Taster, the Grill-Meister), but the texture isn’t right yet, so I’m not ready to share the recipe. Stay tuned. Anyway, I needed a side dish.

First try on Glover Gardens crab cakes, made with Zippy Southwest seasoning and served with Sriracha mayo

The Suire’s Crawfish Fettuccini was the perfect complement to our crab cake experiment. And it was just that: perfect. Creamy, spicy, homey, with tasty little morsels of crawfish. Oh my goodness!

You can almost taste the creamy, spicy goodness of the Suire’s Crawfish Fettuccini, can’t you?

So Katlyn, thank you so much for the gift of the frozen Crawfish Fettuccini. You were absolutely right about it. Wow.

I’m excited because we still have two frozen entrees from Suire’s – Red Beans and Sausage and Crawfish Étouffée. When they’re gone, it’s time for a road trip! Wanna come?


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3 thoughts on “Suire’s Wows Again: I’m in Love with Their Crawfish Fettucini”

  • Oh, I love crawfish, and also I love Cajun food, and this restaurant is so me!!! I would likely eat my weight in the dinners, esp. the crawfish fettucini, and then I would gorge on the desserts, which sound beyond delicious!

    I remember one time when I went camping years ago. We caught no fish but a bucket load of crawfish. Well, everyone always comes to see what you caught, so when they saw the crawfish (this was in Arizona where I guess they didn’t eat them) they thought we were nuts as they had not been cooked yet. But when we got them cooked, we had to share with those who came back to see what they looked like. Everyone had a wonderful time and we introduced quite a few to crawfish, though we didn’t make fettucini. I am sure it would have been wonderful! Thank you for the great share!

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