Haiku: Footloose

September 6, 2018

Haiku: Footloose


we’re going places ~
just can’t stand still ~ never have,
prob’ly never will

Train tracks headed to Aberdeen in Stonehaven, Scotland (and beyond)

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9 thoughts on “Haiku: Footloose”

    • Thanks for the praise! I worked hard, indeed, very long hours, but there was this thing called a weekend. 🙂 On Saturday, I pretended I was you, took 671 photos and followed your advice: “don’t take the picture, let the picture take you”. I got in 17K steps and lots of material…and spent most of Sunday resting and looking at the photos.

      • Don’t pretend you are me. Gosh, it would have really hurt you to walk that far if you were me.

        Seriously, a couple of suggestions from your photo hero. Heh.

        I never actually know how many pictures I’ve taken until I look at the images when I’m culling and editing. For me and people like me, my first cull is about 10% of the total and my final selection is about 3% of that. I’m looking for the best of the best and that’s all anyone sees.

        You travel a lot, but for me as a photographer (not a music manager) I never waste a day on the road. If I’m tired and I need to recover, I spend the time in local libraries, art galleries and museums. And, I eat too much local food. I work on pictures when I get home, in consistent light and a bigger monitor so I can see.

        Finally, I never delete anything. That’s very old school and comes from the time when you needed negative strips to be able to put them in files. I review my mistakes, closely to figure out what I could do better. I do that even after all these years.

        • It DID hurt to walk that far…perhaps I’ve channelled you too much. 🙂 No, actually, I’m overdue for foot surgery to correct the last one that didn’t heal properly and left me slightly deformed. Next January, I’m goin’ down…for about 3 mos.

          I left a bit out about Sunday; it was a travel day with a lovely 3-hour train trip along the coast of Scotland, and when we arrived in Edinburgh, it was raining cats and dogs and perhaps a few hamsters, too. Even so, we schlepped over to hit the Edinburgh Hipster Food Court (my moniker for it) and have another Butcher Bad Boy Burger. https://glovergardens.com/2017/07/23/edinburghs-hipster-food-court-and-the-butcher-bad-boy-burger/ And then, for the evening, just room service and my photos.

          Your advice is great – don’t waste a day on the road and don’t delete stuff. I’m adding them to the list. 🙂

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