Haiku: Happy on a Plane with a Food Magazine

May 23, 2019

Haiku: Happy on a Plane with a Food Magazine


My inflight-reading:

the “Best-Ever Recipes”;

Thank you, Food & Wine!

The September 2018 issue of Food & Wine was dormant in a stack of magazines at Glover Gardens, unknown and unread. Until a big party for work spawned a veritable hurricane of spring cleaning. Perfect timing! Party over, holiday weekend ahead, 2-hour flight entertainment determined. Woohoo!

Something in this magazine will be on our table this weekend during our quiet time in the mountains if Colorado.

Check back here to see what we made; you know I’ll be sharing. 😊

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2 thoughts on “Haiku: Happy on a Plane with a Food Magazine”

    • Sadly, I can count my excursions in first class on both hands, without using all the fingers. 🙁 For the next bit, I need a translator…how are you like Diogenes, and are you really getting involved with jelly eggs? (and no, I didn’t know what they were ’til I Googled)

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