Haiku: Marching to a Different Drummer

August 12, 2018

Haiku: Marching to a Different Drummer


Haiku is becoming a family thing.

Many of our millennials were here with us at Glover Gardens this weekend – yahoo! In casual conversation over appetizers last night, we noticed and remarked on similar patterns in the clothing several of them were wearing. The Girl Who is Always Hungry told us how on one recent day, all 17 members of her grad school cohort were wearing blue shirts. Eerie! She told us this in a couple of short, pithy statements, and I said, “wow, that’s almost a haiku”. Hmmm.

Before I could go on to restate her story into a haiku, the Musical Millennial (who was not dressed like anyone in the group and resembled only Waldo in his red and white stripes), interrupted and said, “no, I got this; this haiku is mine“.

After a very brief moment, he came out with:

everyone’s in blue
nah, this must be some omen
i gotta get out


That’s my boy! No automaton life for him, or any of our millennials, for that matter. They are all incredibly unique individuals.

Thomas as Waldo
The Musical Millennial in his Waldo stripes, with Godfrey the Cat

© 2018, Glover Gardens



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