Help Make a Culinary Dream Come True for a Worthy Teen

March 23, 2019

Help Make a Culinary Dream Come True for a Worthy Teen


So here’s the thing.

My cousin is a single mom with 3 kids. The oldest is in college. The next is still in high school, and the last one is just entering 9th grade. She’s the focus of today’s post. She has a culinary dream. A dream you can support.

Support how? Well, there’s a Go Fund Me. Katie has been invited to the Culinary Institute Academy in New York, and doesn’t quite have the means to make it happen.

We can help her.

Katie’s Plea in the Go Fund Me Site

“I am a young teen who lives in a house with 2 siblings and a single mom. My sister and I have significant medical issues that costs a lot of money to treat and insurance doesn’t cover all of our medical bills. I recently got invited to a culinary summer camp in New York with a tuition fee of $3000. With all the medical bills, that’s just money that my family doesn’t have. This camp is a huge once in a life time opportunity for culinary education for me. If i can go, this will become a big step in achieving my goal of opening a bakery when I get older. Without help, I won’t be able to go. Please help me fulfill this amazing opportunity. Any little bit of help will be much appreciated. Any extra money will go to paying medical bills.”

Katie is the one who bakes when there are family parties. She works hard, and cares about the results.

She’s also just a regular teenage girl with dreams, big dreams, dreams that her family situation can’t readily support.

Here’s the Go Fund Me Info

Help a Teen Achieve Culinary Dreams

Help a Teen Achieve Her Culinary Dreams: click here if you’d like to donate $5 or $500 or somewhere in between. Whether or not you donate, another way you can help is to share, share, share on social media using the icons at the top of the post or below – let’s make this go viral! I don’t think you’ll regret it; Katie is special and will make the world a little better via her baked goods and sunny outlook.

3 thoughts on “Help Make a Culinary Dream Come True for a Worthy Teen”

  • As soon as I have some money coming in so that I have any at all, I will try to do something. It may not be huge, but it is something I believe in too. Peace and blessings, Anne

  • I really hope she gets the opportunity to go. When I next get paid I’ll make sure to donate a little money to help. When does she have until to raise the money?

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