Date Night: Learning to Make Sushi

April 9, 2019

Date Night: Learning to Make Sushi


I’ve been cooking since before I could spell hollandaise, but you could fill a turnip truck with the things I don’t know yet.

Like how to make sushi.

Until now.

The Grill-Meister sprung a date-night gift on me, and we learned that very skill last month, at the Well Done Cooking Class in Houston, Texas. We went after work on a Wednesday, still dressed in our corporate wonk outfits, but had a rockin’ good time pretending to be sushi chefs.


Dear Readers, sushi is fun to create. It’s like playing with your food, and you still get to eat it. In a cooking class, someone else has done the prep work, chopping, measuring and making the special rice called nishiki. You just get to assemble, roll, slice and present. Fun, fun, fun!

This is a California Roll in the making.

Philly Roll Before Rolling

All rolled up in its nori (seaweed).


Working on knife skills.


Here we are, two proud “parents” of our first sushi roll, the California Roll.

Our First Attempt - California Roll

Spicy Tuna Maki was another of our creations.

Starting with Tunafullsizeoutput_43d0

I tried hard to create a beautiful presentation.


What do you think?


Next is the Philly Roll: cream cheese, smoked salmon and cucumber.


The Grill-Meister had better sushi-rolling instincts, so I was the photographer.

Rolling it Up

It’s a good idea to mush it together (a technical term) after rolling, so it stays in one piece.


I was the better garnisher / food stylist, so I got to play with the food more.


The last one we made was a Surf and Turf, a combination of salmon, cream cheese, jalapeño, cooked sirloin, spicy mayo and Panko. Yum!!!


We left this date night very full of sushi, and even more full of ideas to make our own. More to come.

And if you’re wondering, does making sushi together make a good date night?, the answer is a resounding YES! It’s just as fun as our previous experience: Date Night: How to Make Fresh Pasta.

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