Home Alone Comfort Food:  Scrambled Egg Sandwich

April 18, 2017

Home Alone Comfort Food: Scrambled Egg Sandwich


So over the last three weeks I had a long trip for work to Paris and then right away, a shorter trip for relaxation to Colorado (I know, I know, you’re not crying for me). After arriving home in Southeast Texas in the wee hours last night and working all day today, I found myself home alone for dinner tonight with no “on purpose” food in the refrigerator. That is, no food that was purchased with a menu or recipe in mind; all the Grill-Meister and I have in the icebox is a plethora of condiments and some too-old leftovers, and he’s not here tonight to justify my ordering Chinese.

What to do? What to do?

Comfort food to the rescue: a Scrambled Egg Sandwich.

I give thanks to my Dad for teaching me the joys of this humble little culinary bundle of joy. I made it a little differently than he did when I was growing up: his version with “Sandwich Spread” and cheddar on white bread evolved into mine with jalapeño jack and fresh baby spinach on wheat, but it’s still a wonderful go-to comfort food item.


There’s really no recipe for this:  simply scramble a couple of eggs the way you like them (don’t forget the salt and pepper), toast a couple of pieces of bread, and assemble by resting the eggs atop a bed of baby spinach or perhaps some thinly sliced tomatoes on the bottom piece of toast, adding a slice of your favorite cheese and topping with the second piece of toast.  Voila, a lovely dinner for one, reminiscent of your childhood.  Or mine, at least.

I’m curious – what is YOUR easy comfort food when you’re home alone?

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4 thoughts on “Home Alone Comfort Food: Scrambled Egg Sandwich”

    • Also very high on my list! I imagine you’ll be having some Tabasco or other spicy condiment on it, if my take on your taste buds (from reading your blog) is accurate.

      • I am envisioning scrambled eggs with thinly sliced cherry peppers and ramps, and yes, cherry peppers are more sweet than hot so Tabasco or the homemade equivalent will be on the table. Your perception of my tastebuds is right on the money!

  • Haha…the egg sandwich is definitely one of my go-to options…however, if I have some leftover rice in the fridge….I’ll opt for eggs and rice first!

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