How did I make that last time? Oh yeah, it’s in the Glover Gardens Cookbook (blog)!

August 18, 2018

How did I make that last time? Oh yeah, it’s in the Glover Gardens Cookbook (blog)!


Hello dear readers, I’m having a happy moment. I really don’t have time to create a blog today, but then I realized that the story is about how I’m using it myself.

At the Beginning, it was the Glover Gardens Cookbook

I started this blog as the Glover Gardens Cookbook to capture and share recipes, in support of the cookbook I’ve been writing for over 5 years (more here). Glover Gardens morphed into more, and to my great surprise, my musings, memoirs and restaurant raves get far more traffic than the recipes. So I changed the name of the blog to simply Glover Gardens.

But the recipes have sure helped me out! All the favorites documented and saved in one place – woohoo! I’m on easy street when it’s time to whip out the crowd-pleasers. No more do I forget one crucial ingredient, spurring a last-minute panic and trip to the store.

Recipes for the Pot Luck Party Coming Straight from These Pages

We’re having a shindig this weekend, a repeat of a very successful and fun potluck party to honor colleagues who have traveled to Houston from far and wide – and most of my contributions to the potluck are coming straight from the pages of Glover Gardens.

The last potluck party; our internationals made a fantastic lentil soup: check it out at Pot Luck Perfect: In-the-Moment Lentil Soup

On the Menu

One of my teammates left a comment on the recipe below that I should make it the next time we have a team event. Sure thing, how about this weekend?!  Here’s the post: Comfort Food Alert: Mary’s Magical Mexican Cornbread. A cool thing about this one is that it is gluten free, for our teammate who avoids it.


And this one is always a hit: Chipotle Chicken Salad.


I’m also getting family bonus food – my Aunt-Mom is very generously making  pineapple upside-down cake, the marvelous one she found with NO maraschino cherries: Found Recipe – Pineapple Upside-Down Cake. Score!!


I don’t know what most of my colleagues are bringing, but this one is a sure thing: Creamy Jalapeño Dip, AKA Stephanie’s Green Dip. We practically beg Stephanie to make this every time there’s a work party.


Stephanie’s green dip goes really, really well with the Mexican cornbread. Happy days!

More Posts Coming

I’ve been making a recipe recently that isn’t documented here yet, and will have to fix that. It’s turkey banh mi-like sliders, which may sound funky, but boy oh boy, are they good. I’ll capture this while I’m making it for the potluck and share it soon.

And who knows what potluck magic might happen? There might be a story to share. The previous potluck party post was pretty popular.

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