International Travel: It’s Been a Minute

March 13, 2022

International Travel: It’s Been a Minute


It’s time to get on the road again. Tomorrow, I’ll board a plane or two and head for two work weeks in Scotland and Norway

Way back in November of 2019, I had no idea it would be a 28-month hiatus from business travel as I returned from a trip to London and put away my suitcase. I was on a cadence of 8/10/12 times a year, and had a rhythm and routine. I could work hard during the day and hit the sidewalks with my camera at night. That’s the Tower of London below, just after dusk. My hotel during that Last Big Trip wasn’t too far from the Tower and I’m just captivated by that mighty fortress, so I spent about a half hour with it, from lots of angles. That trip was a really good one, very productive for work and very stimulating in the creative sense. I haven’t written about it yet, but there’s lots to share. I had a bit of a creative lull during COVID-times, but I can feel the inspiration coming on.

My eyes seem more open when I’m on the road: I find the combination of angles, architecture and people in travel hubs really interesting. That’s Paddington Station below, on the same trip.

Now, my ‘travel muscles’ may have atrophied and I need to tighten them up, remember how to pack, remember how to lug a suitcase and carryon and still have a free hand to snap an image or two.

My big suitcase is all dusty, but she’s rarin’ to go. I feel a little sad looking at the Priority tags because I’ve certainly lost my status and will probably have a lot more waiting to do than in the old days. That’s ok; it’s a first world problem, indeed.

I’m locating chargers and adapters and am not sure which ones still work. So I’m taking them all and will do a purge while on the road. My European power supply for my personal MacBook was a welcome find as I was rummaging around in the travel gadgets drawer. I won’t have much time to use it since this is a work trip, but don’t like to travel without it.

Sadly, I’m leaving my ‘good camera’ at home, because I’m already ‘packing heavy’. I’ll have two computers (one work and one personal), two phones (one work and one personal), an Apple Watch and an iPad (for reading). Twenty years ago, I would have had one computer, a wristwatch and some novels.

I’m excited to get back out there and will share my stories and discoveries here in these pages.

🎶 “On the road again, I just can’t wait to get on the road again…”🎶

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