January Dreaming: Scotland’s Stonehaven Harbor in August

January 27, 2019

January Dreaming: Scotland’s Stonehaven Harbor in August


The sixth post in a series, January Dreaming. Click for the series, and see the end of the post for the backstory.

Sunny good times of the past get us through dreary Januaries of the present. Today, the focus is on Stonehaven Harbor on the Scottish coast.

It was a glorious August Saturday when two colleagues and I happily found ourselves in Aberdeenshire’s picturesque Stonehaven Harbor, giddy from a trip to nearby Dunnottar Castle. The castle is the subject of a future post, so I’ll just share one photo here to whet your appetite.

Approaching the ruins of Dunnottar Castle in Aberdeenshire

Glorious, isn’t it?

The nearest town to Dunnottar Castle is Stonehaven, and the harborside is delightful. Enjoy these memories with me.

The street along the harbor is shared by pedestrians, cars and dogs and we even saw a dad pulling a small boat on a trailer while his sons pushed, no one moving with a sense of urgency.

Pub customers took their beers outside to enjoy the sunshine and blue skies on that August Saturday. I took out my camera and started shutter-bugging. I had just learned from Ray of The Storyteller blog how to ask permission to take a photo with a glance and a nod, which I did. (Thanks, Ray, it worked!)

Happy with the beer in the sunshine

This gentleman reminded me so much of beach locals on the Bolivar Peninsula in Southeast Texas where I grew up. Tanned, laid back, slightly scruffy, reveling in the coastal, outdoorsy life, not caring at all what the rest of the world thinks, marching to his own drummer. He was really nice and somewhat bemused by my interest and intent to put him in the blog, as were the young ladies he had stationed himself beside.

The scenery and people-watching is fantastic at Stonehaven Harbor. And like everywhere else in Scotland, there are flowers, flowers and more flowers, and benches for enjoying the view.

If you find yourself in Scotland’s Aberdeenshire region, don’t miss Stonehaven. The memories you make will linger long afterward, and warm you up on a cold January day.

The Backstory for the Series

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  • Stunning views. I definitely need to get up to Scotland this year and explore more of it. I’m pretty sure the company I work for has some involvement with Dunnottar castle, or used to anyway, maybe not still.

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