London by Night is a Wonderful Sight

March 20, 2023

London by Night is a Wonderful Sight


I snapped a few shots after dark in London’s theater district in late January. It is dynamic, thriving, vibrant, colorful, wonderful, thrilling, magical. It is London.


lured by the night's lights
i'm nocturnal in london
there's no other way

Lyrics to London by Night

London by Night has always been one of my favorite Frank Sinatra tunes, although I usually prefer his swinging numbers to the ballads. But this one perfectly captures a reverence for London after dark that it’s almost impossible not to feel when you’re there, whether or not you’re a lover, as the tune suggests you must be. A colleague of mine described it recently: “it just seems all magic and impossible”. Yes. That’s a lot like the first two lines of the song.

London by night is a wonderful sight
There is magic abroad in the air
I'm often told that the streets turn to gold
When the moon shines on Circus and Square

Deep in the dark that envelops the park
There's romance in each cigarette glow
Down by the Thames, lights that sparkle like gems
Seem to wink at each girl and her beau

Up comes the moon when the city's asleep
He's not alone, for it seems
Somewhere up there stands an angel to keep her watch
While each Londoner dreams

My love and I saw the sun leave the sky
Then we kissed in the fast-fading light
Most people say they love London by day
But lovers love London by night

St. Paul’s After Dark

I took a few pictures of St. Paul’s Cathedral from the rooftop bar at my hotel during a recent trip that give me that magical London by Night feel.

A Confession

This is not a new topic for the blog, as I’ve raved about London’s night-worthiness at least twice before. I even referenced the song. At least I’m consistent!

I’ll probably be blogging about London by night until I can’t blog or travel any more. It truly is a magical city. Thank you for your patience. 😊

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