Poem and Pictures: A Bench is Waiting

July 10, 2022

Poem and Pictures: A Bench is Waiting


I’ve got a thing for benches, so I wrote a poem about them to accompany the pictures I always seem to take when I encounter a bench (before I sit on it).

A Bench is Waiting

a bench is an invitation
to sit and rest
to unwind
to take a breath
to reflect

a bench is a reminder
that others 
came before you
and others 
will come after

a bench is welcoming
the shared nature 
of a space

a bench is an invitation
to become one with it 
to let nature 
and the world 
flow around you

a bench is waiting
for you
to give it
for a moment

A bench is waiting for you.

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© 2022, Glover Gardens

Update in October, 2023

I’ve started joining a poetry group at D’Verse Poets Pub, and am really enjoying interacting with other poets and reading and learning from their work. There are several writing prompts each week, and even when I don’t have time to respond with a new poem, they influence my thinking. Today, I’m simply responding to an “open link night” and sharing a link to this previously published ode to benches. If you’re a poet, I encourage you to drop in at the Poets Pub and hang with the crowd there.

Here’s one more bench picture for you, taken at Cawdor Castle in the Scottish Highlands this past July. I have so many stories to share from that incredible trip. And maybe a poem or two!

© 2023, Glover Gardens

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