Poems from People-Watching at the DMV

November 10, 2018

Poems from People-Watching at the DMV


Forced waiting in public is a perfect people-watching opportunity that can turn into poetry or prose. Here’s what arose from my recent visit to the DMV to get my driver’s license renewed, when I waited over an hour for my number to be called. These ditties aren’t going to win any awards, but I entertained myself mightily!


People-Watching at the DMV


a slice of americana

at the DMV


young dad

with a toddler girl

napping on his lap

her Hello Kitty backpack

resting at his feet


college student

with chipped purple toenails 

reading a textbook

chewing her lip 


middle-aged man

in a camouflage hat

legs outstretched

almost asleep


50-something guy

in a Sig’s Lagoon t-shirt

chatting with a teen 

nervously tapping his toes


quiet elderly couple 

holding hands

wearing matching jackets

(Pittsburgh Steelers)


young married couple

playing with a baby

whose thick black hair

sported a Mohawk 


bored-looking mom

with an adolescent boy

in a surgical boot

playing with her phone


uptight man

in a business suit

and shiny leather shoes

complaining bitterly

about the wait


people-watching at the DMV:

a slice of americana

Shoes I Saw at the DMV


shiny black loafers

leather athletic shoes

strappy leather sandals

blue canvas surgical boot

two-toned brown wingtips

black suede platform sandals

faux leather ankle boots

black patent flats with a bow at the toes

pink Velcro tennis shoes

hiking boots with caked-on mud

black jackboots

red checkered Vans

Photo from Anthony F. on Foursquare

© 2018 Glover Gardens


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