Sandwich Wednesday: New Cookbook

December 30, 2015

Sandwich Wednesday: New Cookbook


Sandwich Wednesday is a thing at Glover Gardens.

The Glover Gardens Grill-Meister is a sandwich-making king on Wednesdays. Click here to read the original post, which includes a recommendation for a good panini press.

This cookbook has lots of wonderful recipes for “sandwiches, Italian style”.  Click here to view it on Amazon.

To continue to encourage this wonderful mid-week dinner-making strategy, I gifted him with another cookbook this Christmas.  It’s a winner!

Sandwich Wednesday came early this week because we’re at our cabin in Colorado, Little House in the Rockies, and paninis are quick and easy.  We joined forces and made the recipe on page 30, the Goat Cheese and Roasted Pepper Panini.  It would be a copyright infringement for me to print the recipe here since it hasn’t been shared online, but you could throw together something similar very easily.

The recipe layers roasted red peppers (we used them from a jar – sometimes it’s ok to cut corners) over a goat cheese mixed with herbs on a simple bun. Olive oil, capers, freshly ground pepper and fresh herbs make the red peppers really pop with flavor.


The sandwich in the recipe is served cold, but we used our panini press and gave the bread a nice crunch.

Our panini presses at Little House in the Rockies are simply Sunbeam models, but they work just fine

The finished product is a lovely and surprisingly filling vegetarian sandwich that would be good in any season. We served it simply, with clementines and prunes.

Goat cheese, roasted red peppers and capers make a quick weeknight panini

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