Sandwich Wednesday: the Gift that Keeps on Giving

December 20, 2015

Sandwich Wednesday: the Gift that Keeps on Giving


The Grill-Meister at my house is also a whiz with the panini press.  He hones his panini talents each week: at Glover Gardens, every Wednesday is Sandwich Wednesday.

I love coming home from work on a Wednesday to see what delicious sandwich he is concocting.  I have supported this hobby of his in every way possible – with the original gift of a superb panini maker (which I highly recommend) and several panini cookbooks on subsequent Christmases (which I also highly recommend).

In fact, I recommend the whole process:  point out your spouse or partner’s sandwich-making skills, provide him or her with the tools and recipes they’ll need to be successful, suggest a day of the week, and get out of the way.

Below is the panini press model we have, and here’s a link to it on Amazon in case you’re inspired to order it.  We like it because it has two kinds of plates:  flat and ridged.  They are easy to clean, and in addition to being a panini press, the whole device opens up to make a griddle.  We’re considering buying a second one so that we can make more sandwiches simultaneously.

The Cuisinart panini press is perfect for the Grill-Meister's sandwich Wednesday magic-making.
The Cuisinart panini press is perfect for the Grill-Meister’s sandwich Wednesday magic-making. Photo courtesy of

These are the panini cookbooks I’ve gifted him with over the years.  All of them have great recipes.  Click the pictures to access links to the cookbooks.


Here’s a shot of of the Grill-Meister’s panini magic from one Sandwich Wednesday a few months ago.

Sometimes the Grill-Meister gets all fancy and makes his own pesto with basil from our yard, and sometimes he does something a little more straightforward. This is a double-decker panini with fresh mozzarella and pesto.  Yum!

I’ll pester the Grill-Meister for a list of his favorite recipes and share them in future posts.


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