Simple Pleasures: Cheese Plate by the Fire

March 1, 2016

Simple Pleasures: Cheese Plate by the Fire


The Grill-Meister and I enjoyed our long weekend at Little House in the Rockies.  We’re getting pretty good at this Houston-Denver-Houston travel stuff, learning how to streamline and de-stress the backing-and-forthing.  I’ve already blogged about the no-cook travel day dinners (click here); a side benefit of this approach is that there are always yummy leftover cheeses and snacks to create a quick fireside appetizer plate.

Sharp cheddar, smoked gouda and brie, with a scotch for him and a Pinot for me

Cheese, fruit and wine by the fire in the afternoon, with the crisp, cold and magnificent mountains surrounding us – a simple pleasure.

I snapped this photo on a drive-about yesterday afternoon before our afternoon snack; it almost looks like a painting

Now we’re back home at Glover Gardens in Southeast Texas, and another simple pleasure is reuniting with our pets.

Godfrey and Fiona know how to chill out

It’s the little things.


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