Sit with Me and Watch the Birds in London’s St. James Park

April 19, 2020

Sit with Me and Watch the Birds in London’s St. James Park


Last summer, the Grill-Meister and I spent a little time in London during a trip to celebrate our 11th anniversary. I have a lot to share with you from that trip, but thus far, have only posted a restaurant rave (below). Gosh, looking at the images and thinking of the perfect lunch we had at Com Viet near Covent Garden really makes me yearn for London.

But we are all armchair travelers right now during the trials of COVID-19, and today I’m thinking of an afternoon stroll, a long conversation, and some birds.

During a meandering walk (the best way to experience London!) we found ourselves in St. James Park, one of my favorites. We got a couple of coffees and just sat, watching people and birds, talking about our hopes and dreams, focused mainly on the little bay house in Mississippi we were trying to buy. During that conversation, we decided to call it Gumbo Cove, if everything worked out. I shared it here in a post last fall.

Back to London, June 30, 2019: we had gone on a walking tour of the Highgate area in the morning (another post to come), and were glad for the respite in the park, sitting longer than we might usually. It was a lovely day. I had my camera, and birds came close, looking for crumbs. Watching them, snapping photos and making plans for the future with the Grill-Meister made that St. James Park afternoon into a memory gem, a beautifully crystallized interlude.

It’s the birds I’m thinking about today. They don’t know anything about COVID-19 and are going about their bird business as earnestly as ever. I like that.

Grab your coffee and sit with me here for a minute on the park bench of memory, checking out the birds.

That’s all for now. Looking at these birds in the sun has cheered my up on a rainy day in a gloomy season. How about you?

Stay home, stay safe, stay sane and stay in touch.

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