The completely correct guide to eating and drinking on a plane

January 29, 2020

The completely correct guide to eating and drinking on a plane


I’m sharing this article from the Washington Post as a public service to all travelers: The completely correct guide to eating and drinking on a plane . 😊

First order of business: Leave your tuna salad sandwich behind.

Image from the Washington Post.

This is a must-read for anyone considering bringing a lil snack from home or take-out onto a plane. To quote the Washington Post article, “one must choose one’s food wisely”.

Have you had any experiences with fellow passengers’ smelly food?

17 thoughts on “The completely correct guide to eating and drinking on a plane”

    • Well, I think gummy bears would be ok. LOL! Or my oatmeal-based Comfort Cookies (just search Glover Gardens for the recipe!)

      But seriously, I think you’ve nailed the point. There’s absolutely no personal space on a plane, unless you’re in First Class, and thus anything anyone does, says or eats infringes on their seat mates. I was on a flight to Denver today in the middle seat and the person at the window claimed every inch of the armrest for the whole flight. Argh!

          • Oh my friend, you have forgotten that I grew up on the Gulf, right at the edge of it in Southeast TX. Gilchrist. The town that Ike took. Mosquitos and beach bums and sunburns, oh my!

          • Cooler and the sound of the wind in the aspen trees is why we bought Little House. It is rejuvenating and restorative…and sometimes, in the winter, a bit challenging! We have to leave early tomorrow because a blizzard is on its way.

          • Y’all have more free time than we do, and we don’t work for anybody. 🙂 And, see? You’re gonna want to go up there is summer…

            I suppose that we’ll just have to start buying little houses everywhere since we put one of the Brooklyn homes up for sale. Because of capital gains taxes we have to spend the profits or lose part of them to a very high tax.

          • We have NO free time, whatcha talkin’ about? We definitely will come in the summer, but we can work around schedules. We only have our 2020 trips planned through April right now, and it looks like we’re gonna have to go to jazz fest twice. 🙂 But yes, you need some more houses! We can highly recommend the area where Little House in the Rockies is, and one of our couple friends has already bought a place 1/4 mile up the road.

          • Oh yeah, right. Are you working today? On a normal business day? After we took the kids to their schools, NJ has been practicing piano. She’ll play for about 4 hours. I’m working on MK’s career and then I’ll move to pictures. Of course, these are our businesses so….

            Are you really going to JF twice? Since ticket presale discounts are over, I think, hang on for a few days. We get backstage passes that work for almost every stage. We also get a little fleet of golf carts and a bunch of artist parking lot passes. Some are spoken for. Most are not. The food is pretty good backstage. MMMMM…

            Jefferson is too isolated, especially with little ones. We are looking at Snowmass. We don’t ski, but the summer music festivals are wonderful.

          • I though I replied to this. See? You’re gonna want to go up there for some cool air this summer…

            I guess we’ll just have to buy a bunch of little houses from the profits of the sale of one of the Brooklyn houses before the Feds scarf it up in taxes.

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