Through Another’s Lens

June 25, 2019

Through Another’s Lens


Helloooooooo from Paris! There hasn’t been much time for blogging recently, because of travel-travel-travel. Anniversary #11 for the Grill-Meister and me brought us to Paris late last week to have some personal celebration time ahead of work here for each of us. I had my fancy camera with me, but never got it out over the weekend, deciding instead to be in the moment and see Paris through his eyes. He had never been here before, and there’s just sooooo much to take in.

I have many things to tell you about this remarkable time we had together – the food! the tango dancers! the positive feedback about the blog! the way we coped with our luggage not arriving ALL WEEKEND! – but alas, not tonight. It’s late. Tiredness is with us. The Grill-Meister has gone on to London for his work, and I will follow on Friday. Big and important workshops for my job this week are dominating my thought-capacity, so I will just share this imperfect and yet wonderful photo. It was glorious to experience the Eiffel Tower through the lens of a first-timer as we glided along the Seine on a river cruise last Friday night. Happy sigh: Life is Good.

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