What I Learned from a Baby

April 24, 2022

What I Learned from a Baby


We had the privilege of caring for our grandson this weekend, and I learned (or re-learned) a few things I’d like to share with you.

The play is the work. 

Creativity comes from letting your thoughts flow and seeing the world around you as an infinite set of possibilities, without constraints. 

Anything can be a toy, even an almost-empty water bottle.

Sometimes, turning the pages of a book is just as fun as having it read to you. And books can be enjoyed upside down as well as right side up.

You don’t have to eat until everything is gone from your plate, just until you’re full.

Cheerios are tasteless.

Playing with food can be fun.

Playing with dirt can be fun.

Delight can be found in the smallest things.

Blocks are fun, no matter your age.

Laughter is contagious. Baby laughter is cathartic.

Tiny arms reaching out asking to be held is the best compliment ever.

Even if he’s not walking yet, a baby can move at the speed of light.

A ball of any size is a magical thing.

A 1-year old chant-whispering his own name is the cutest thing, ever.

After playing hard, sleeping hard is a welcome reward.

2:1 is the best grandparent-to-baby ratio.

Nothing can keep you more “in the moment” than being with a 1-year old.

A grandchild is a wonderful gift.

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