What the Car Saw: Winter’s Bleak Tableau (plus haiku)

February 6, 2021

What the Car Saw: Winter’s Bleak Tableau (plus haiku)


I was waiting at a stoplight while on a trek to the grocery store (where else does one go these days), looking out the window, and musing.

There was a plane. There was a bird. There were cars and a forlorn, uncertain sky. Road noise was a nerves-grating soundtrack. It was cold, damp, bleak and dreary. Dickens would have felt right at home.

It struck me that I was looking at what winter feels like in Southeast Texas, during the few times when it’s cold. Except that it should have been in black and white. I could almost see it, feel it, in black and white as I was looking. So here it is, what the car saw in black and white, with a haiku to accompany it, because it is National Haiku Writing Month.

winter's bleak tableau
a plane, a bird and a curb
that's what the car saw

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