Hurry Up and Wait

January 30, 2021

Hurry Up and Wait


I’m at Gumbo Cove in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, doing lots of walking, crabbing, birding and thinking.

And waiting.

Waiting until it’s my turn for the vaccine.

Waiting for the day when friends can once again be greeted with a bear hug.

Waiting for a time when masks are for Mardi Gras or Halloween, not everyday garb.

Waiting for the world to heal.


These pelicans and their seagull friend were waiting, too. Or maybe they were just showing me how it’s done.

They let me get really close, and then, slowly lumbering into flight, they moved away from danger.

Away from danger is where we need to stay right now. A nurse at my grandmother’s care facility said it best a few weeks before Grandma died, talking about continuing to take extreme precautions: “We don’t want to drop the ball when we’re so close to the goal line.”

A haiku comes to mind:

hurry up and wait,
keep playing it safe, it's the 
winning strategy

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2 thoughts on “Hurry Up and Wait”

  • I had to come in for a closer look at these pelicans … my favorite shorebird. I wonder if the gull thinks its a pelican? Happily received my first vaccine and looking forward to more company.

  • I really like pelicans, too, Denise. They could be described as clumsy and lumbering, except… they’re not. They’re so graceful when they’re flying. And how fun, I hadn’t thought of the gull thinking it’s a pelican, but I bet you’re onto something there. I like that. He or she stayed there until the last pelican flew away, and then followed them. I think birds know things, but they’re just not telling. 😊

    Congrats on your first shot!!! I’m registered and waiting … waiting … waiting. But not impatiently; I’m very glad for people who are more at risk than me are being prioritized. That’s as it should be.

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