A New Meaning for “Bite the Biscuit” – The Denver Biscuit Company

August 3, 2019

A New Meaning for “Bite the Biscuit” – The Denver Biscuit Company

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It’s time for another restaurant rave. But first, let’s talk about biscuits.

A Poem, or Biscuits? Both Feed the Soul…

Anne Morrow Lindbergh famously said, “…and when I cannot write a poem, I bake biscuits and feel just as pleased,” in her 1955 bestseller, “Gift from the Sea.” Far from wryly devaluing her poetry as the equal to humble food, I think Mrs. Lindbergh’s intent was to elevate biscuits to the level of poetry.

As they should be.

Biscuits Matter

Biscuits (well-made ones, at least) are innocent little crumbly, crusty pillows of love, evidence that there is peace and joy and stillness in the world, a reason to keep going on those days when no other reason can be found.

Don’t you agree?

Having said that, you might think I eat biscuits all the time. But no! Only when a.) they’re homemade, b.) I’m at the Denver Biscuit Company, or c.) a hypothetical option, if I was able to travel back in time and eat Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s biscuits, which I’m sure tasted like poetry!


Bisquick Box

Growing up, we had “homemade” biscuits almost every Sunday after church, homemade in air quotes here because they were actually Bisquick biscuits. Hey – don’t knock it! Bisquick is a lot more homemade-resembling than some slimy, pasty, rubbery, biscuit-like thing in a can from the refrigerated section in the grocery story.

Biscuits and Sunday Brunch

Oh, those Sunday after-church brunches! In addition to the biscuits, there were sausage patties or bacon, and cream gravy that Dad made in the same pan as the sausage or bacon drippings. A cast iron pan, of course! And scrambled eggs, with cheese in them. Or sometimes, something fancy that my Mom made, like a frittata with grilled vegetables. And usually something healthy, like fruit, that my brother and I mostly ignored. Kids and Dad, truth be told. Those Sunday mornings together in the kitchen, everyone with some assignment, working as a well-oiled machine, were priceless. Dad’s instructions for when you add the milk to the gravy roux, “pour it in slow and stir like crazy,” still reverberate in my head whenever I made any kind of gravy or pan sauce. Those were good times, folks, very good times.

Sweet Potato Biscuits

We also used Bisquick in our Sweet Potato biscuits, and still do. If you’re new to Glover Gardens and have time for a trip down our memory lane that ends with a recipe, check out this post: Sweet Potato Biscuits: Family History, Love on a Plate.

Sweet Potato Biscuits from a family recipe (get it here)

The Denver Biscuit Company Rocks!

OK, now that I’ve hopefully established the importance of biscuits in the world (they’re on a par with poetry) and in my life (they’re woven into the fabric of family memories), it’s time to get down to business with the restaurant rave. A friend and colleague asked me for restaurant recommendations in Denver this week, and I was very sad that I hadn’t written this post yet, because the Denver Biscuit Company is the BOMB! I would have liked to share more information with her than a text saying it’s great, you should go there. I mean, look at that biscuit!!!!

Check out that biscuit sandwich!!!! A mile-high biscuit in the Mile High City

A Triple D Find

The Grill-Meister and I learned about the Denver Biscuit Company from an episode on the American television show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (AKA “Triple D”), which has been running on the Food Network since 2007. Guy Fieri, the chef who explores and showcases unusual eateries, knows good food. “Holy biscuit mania,” he said of the biscuits, adding, “look at the size of that thing!” The video below is the Triple D episode; it’s a fun watch.

The Denver Biscuit Company is co-located with Atomic Cowboy, a hipster bar, and Fat Sully’s, a pizza joint. The co-location aspect is unique and creates a fun atmosphere with a variety of food and drink options.

It’s a colorful and fun place

Lots of Choices, but We Always Go for the Biscuits

We know we should try the pizza or stop in sometime just for drinks, but we just can’t get past the biscuits. They are huge, can be stuffed with all kinds of great things to make biscuit sandwiches, and PERFECT. Check out all the biscuit options on the menu!

Even with all these choices, I find myself getting the same thing every time: the Cordon Bleu. That perfect biscuit sandwich has fried chicken, ham, cheddar cheese and honey butter. It is devilishly good, probably a zillion calories and obviously not health food, but when I’m at the Denver Biscuit Company, I don’t care. The biscuits are food poetry. Just look!

Our first trip; the I had the Cordon Bleu, and the Grill-Meister had biscuits and gravy with a side of bacon – so much like those Sunday brunches my family had years ago
On another visit: the Cordon Bleu for me again (left) and the Franklin (right) for the Grill-Meister

Holy Biscuit Mania, We’ll Be Back!

In addition to their laid-back atmosphere and the fabulous food that keeps us coming back, the Denver Biscuit Company has a very friendly staff, and is just plain fun. It’s a place that doesn’t take itself too seriously – but takes its food and drink VERY seriously.

Love this sign on the kitchen door! (Food magic, indeed!)
The Grill-Meister, in biscuit heaven; my to-go box hidden behind the water glass (you didn’t think I ate it all, did you??)

Happy biscuits, y’all!

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  • Yes! I’ve actually been to the Denver Biscuit Company while on a mini trip with my husband. We had delicious biscuits and enjoyed a fun conversation with our waiter.

    PS – I love your writing style. I totally get you. Food evokes something deep inside me too. Mending words together or mixing ingredients together in a bowl — its all art to me.

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