A Pandemic Lament (in free verse)

August 9, 2021

A Pandemic Lament (in free verse)


Inspired by a fellow blogger and friend who recently shared his COVID-related frustrations and depression publicly, I’m posting a poem (below) that I wrote a few months ago. I was feeling low. at the time, silently screaming, you might say. I called it Lament for Now, because it was how I was feeling right then.

But soon afterward, I got my two vaccine shots, and the world started opening back up, so I set the ragged little lament aside and didn’t share it. Here comes the sun, I was thinking, no need to cast a shadow.

But now, everything is beginning to look bleak again.

Infections are rampant.

Numerous people that I know – who have been vaccinated – have contracted the virus.

Others are weary and depressed, or worried about a breakthrough infection.

Still others are concerned about accidentally exposing elderly parents or loved ones with compromised immune systems.

Restrictions are necessary to curb the spread.

Jobs are being affected.

Debates rage about mask rules being a violation of individual freedoms while people are dying.

When will it end?

lament for now

i go to bed 
when it’s not 
even dark

     before the dalmatians 
     do their
     twilight bark

     is this what COVID 
     did to me?

     i don’t have a

     but something isn’t 
     right with me

the pandemic 
life will 
leave a 
lasting mark

Sometimes, I just want to fly away like this heron and leave all this mayhem behind, but to where? The footprint of the pandemic is everywhere. And for how long? It seems interminable.

Do you struggle? Do you have a lament? It feels better when you share, I’ve learned.

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