“i KNOW i’m not alone. none of us are.”

August 11, 2021

“i KNOW i’m not alone. none of us are.”


We are all reeling from the ramifications of the seemingly unending coronavirus universe that threatens to swallow us all up, literally or figuratively.

I wrote an uncharacteristically negative post about it the other day, and it felt good to share. Scary, too.

My son, who I call the Musical Millennial in these pages and whose actual name is Thomas Wenglinski, has been quite eloquent about the depressing state of … everything. We had an in-depth talk about this last night.

And then today, on Instagram, this. It’s a video from his recent ten-day road trip West through the four corners area with his good friend and jazz partner, guitar player Joel White, showing the Bonneville Salt Flats. His comments are pointed, vulnerable and yet uplifting, and made me proud.

Photo credit to Joel White

I know I’m not alone. You’re not alone. He’s not alone. She’s not alone. They’re not alone. We’re not alone.

As my friend Ray says: Take care, stay safe, stay mighty.

We’ll get through this.

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