A Simple Phrase May Help with Positivity in 2021

January 3, 2021

A Simple Phrase May Help with Positivity in 2021


I’ll confess that sometimes during the past year, I’ve struggled to maintain my normally sunny outlook.

A dreary outlook from a car windshield - rain and snow on a very gray day.
This is what 2020 felt like

How about you?

I found a delightful article about self-affirmation that should help in my quest to have a more balanced and positive 2021 than the ragged-edge, jagged-nerves, sagging spirits experience of 2020.

The magazine Apartment Therapy published Trying to Be More Positive This Year? This Is the Simple Phrase an Expert Swears By yesterday, which seems most timely. A quick read, it provides simple and sustainable recommendations for facing each day with positivity and optimism.

What’s the magic positivity phrase, you ask? I won’t spill the beans, because I hope you’ll read the article. Check it out here: This is the Simple Phrase an Expert Swears By.

The article ends with “When you change your energy, you can change the world.”

Sign me up!

Teenage boys rejoicing on a rocky beach on the Northern Coast of Oregon.
Our boys in Northern Oregon back in 2011 – this is how I want to feel in 2021

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