April 1, 2017: A Different Place, A Different World

April 1, 2020

April 1, 2017: A Different Place, A Different World

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I had a really good day on April 1, 2017. It’s hard to believe it was just 3 years ago. It seems like a really different world today as the whole human race grapples with the coronavirus.

Three years ago today, I was in Paris for work for a couple of weeks, and it was Saturday.

For me, that meant getting up early, grabbing the camera, donning comfortable shoes, riding the Metro a little, and walking around that intoxicating city a LOT.

It meant two museums, two marvelous meals, and one of my favorite walks, ever.

Several Glover Gardens blog posts came out of that fabulous April Fools solo city trek, and there are still more a-brewing. I took hundreds of pictures, which makes me really happy. No one can visit Paris right now, but we can embrace the pictures and dream of a day when COVID-19 is a horrible memory. We will step out into the world again, leaving the confines of our living rooms.

I have a friend whose long-planned trip to Paris was cancelled just as the city was hunkering down to slow the spread of the coronavirus, and she’s on my mind as I create this quick armchair traveler post. She’ll get to the City of Lights one day, I just know it.

So just “sit a spell,” as my grandmother used to say, and travel through that April day with me from three years ago via this handful of posts.

That’s all for today. Stay home, stay safe, stay sane and stay in touch.

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1 thought on “April 1, 2017: A Different Place, A Different World”

  • A blip in the WordPress platform that Glover Gardens uses caused me to have to restore the Glover Gardens backup from March 31, and this post was lost. Before I did the restore, I saved all the code so that I could recreate it, and here it is. But sadly, what was lost was the comments. Here they are, copied and pasted.

    From Sue-Ella: “One day!! Perhaps we take the time now to treasure the gifts of the past…like trips to Paris or even closer to home, dinner with friends. When we return to our old way of life, I hope we all remember to cherish every single moment and treat it as if it’s an April day in Paris!”

    From Hedy: “sit a spell 

    lovely for me to come and visit your blog … smiles and kindness your way ~ Hedy”

    Sue-Ella and Hedy – thank you for your kind words, and I’m so glad you dropped in.

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