Birthday Brunch: Simple is Good

September 12, 2017

Birthday Brunch: Simple is Good



We had a little family birthday celebration for yours truly this past weekend at a local eatery, Crú Food and Wine Bar in The Woodlands, TX. It was simple, unfussy, lovely, and delicious. Check out some of our dishes.

Crab Benedict at Cru
My choice was the Crab Benedict; rich and simple, it was a perfect birthday brunch dish
The Caprese Melt was served alongside a fresh, tangy arugula salad
Mussels swam in a lemony, buttery, white wine broth
The Napa Burger was dressed with fig jam, arugula and sharp cheese and served alongside crunchy matchstick potatoes
The Lemon Tart was just the right balance between tart and sweet; a scattering of chopped pistachios added a special touch
Molten Chocolate Cake
The Chocolate Lava Cake was happy birthday to me! Dark and gooey, it spoke to me…

The food was world-class, and not so expensive that the fam couldn’t also swing for birthday gifts!  And the mimosas were excellent, with carafes of about 6 glasses for only $10. Yes, you heard that right – $10 mimosa carafes. We’ll be back for brunch again soon!!!

Photos courtesy of Crú; they also serve bellinis and mojitos with their stellar brunch selections
The Grill-Mesiter and me rejoicing – turning 54 didn’t hurt at all


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