Breaking Radio Silence

March 22, 2020

Breaking Radio Silence


It’s been quiet here in the pages of Glover Gardens. Beyond quite: radio silence. My last post was way back on March 7 before the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a pandemic.

A Time for Listening

It has been a time of listening. And reading. Taking it all in. Going to various “official” news sources and trying to stay on top of this global coronavirus crisis. There’s a LOT to process. I haven’t been on other blogs or social media, just reading and listening to the news. Often. Doing a lot of thinking, and practicing mindfulness.

Dreams on Hold

And also, maybe I felt a little frivolous blogging about my usual topics—travel, food, festivals, flowers, fun, etc.—while so many people are struggling and suffering.

And dying.

And losing their incomes and businesses.

And having surgeries postponed.

And fearing for their futures.

And disappointed about their dreams being put on hold. Like my son’s senior jazz recital, where he was going to have a suite of music played that he’s been working on for 4 years. And his college graduation. These public events won’t happen for him.

I told my son not to come home for spring break. That was a really hard thing to do.

These are small things when compared to the tragedies playing out across the world, but are big in our lives.

I’ve been in a period of adjustment. Like all of you.

The New Normal

Now I realize that this physical isolation and all of the uncertainty brought about by Covid-19’s impact to our entire existence is the new normal, and it’s time to rejoin the social world.

Because, as different as it is, life goes on.

You’ve Been Visiting

I notice from looking at the stats for the Glover Gardens blog, that even though I haven’t been posting, you’re still visiting. (Thank you! I feel so validated.)

You’re searching for recipes and reading about food. That makes sense, since we’re all doing more cooking at home.

The crab cakes are popular.

There have been lots of clicks on other recipes, too.

And maybe, like me, you’re craving comfort food, because another post that’s gotten lots of clicks is our sausage dressing.

Another popular one is the plank-grilled salmon.

No More Radio Silence

Glover Gardens is back in business. And also, I’m back out there taking in your stories. You inspire me.

I’ll blog about regular things, like the recipe for the croutons I made yesterday. We were out of croutons, we had stale bread, it was the thing to do. Who knows: maybe you’re out of croutons and have stale bread, too.

There’ll be some poetry, too, and maybe some travel dreams for when the world becomes mobile again.

Stay safe, my friends. And stay in touch. I’d love to hear how you’re doing.

5 thoughts on “Breaking Radio Silence”

  • Glad to hear from you! And feel so badly for your son-hope he’ll be able to perform his suite in the future.

    Pat and I are both immunocompromised, but his medical history is much more complex than mine. He’s the more hyper, social creature, so isolating is a step learning curve. Me? Like putting on my old comfy slippers and picking up an old favorite book. I have a Kindle Unlkmited 60 day trial and added Great Courses to my TV. We are planting veggies and morning glories….the ditches are blooming, wisteria and moonflowers climbing. My old dog and I scout them on daily perambulations, a few meditative, quiet moments. And I get itchy for junk food or Arby’s, the only thing I truly miss is hugging my daughter, who lives so close and feels so far away.

    • Maggie, I’m so glad to hear that you are staying well – and hope that’s still the case since this was a few days ago. Your list of stuff you’re doing during the Era of Isolation is admirable! I’d love to see some pictures of the blooming ditches. How’s your extrovert husband doing with the steep learning curve?

  • Glad to see you return, although I’m so far behind on reading too.
    Definitely a great time to take advantage and do more home cooking. So sad your son doesn’t get a proper graduation though

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