Glover Gardens is Back! We Decided to Get On Up and Get Outside

June 4, 2021

Glover Gardens is Back! We Decided to Get On Up and Get Outside


The pages of Glover Gardens have been a bit quiet lately (in terms of new content). Working at home during COVID constraints, there has been so much online time that it hasn’t seemed the least bit desirable to be on a computer for anything personal, even a labor of love like this blog. And the stories didn’t write themselves in my head, begging to be told, as they usually do. I think it was a combination of writer’s block, lack of inspiration, brain fog and online fatigue that caused this 2-month hiatus. I was kind of ‘meh’, like Fiona.

Fiona’s thoughts about the coronavirus

But we did make a big, positive change during COVID times – we decided to get up and get moving. Facing the hard truth of our sedentary ways last October after hearing that we were to become grandparents (baby-brag post coming soon!), the Grill-Meister and I decided to get serious about getting healthy, and we’ve been downright religious about a daily 30-minute power walk that has made a huge difference, both mentally and physically. We’ve only missed a couple of days in this 8-month journey, walking even in the rain and the February Texas Snowpocalypse, with neighbors peering out their windows at us like we were addlepated nincompoops. Well, these nincompoops have lost the weight of a 10-year old girl between us, and are excited to wear clothes that have been pushed back to the hindmost regions of our closets for more than a decade. Sure, we’re eating a little more carefully, too, but the big difference is the activity. And the increased outsideness is fabulous for our moods.

This “Glover Gardens is back”-themed post came to me in the night last night, accompanied by the wonderful 1967 R&B hit song recorded by the Esquires, so apropos for the topic. Click play and get ready to tap your toes!

When possible, I’ve also been doing a quick 7-minute walk during the lunch hour, one trip up and back our little dead-end street. It’s amazing how the sky, the birds and nature in general can clear brain fog like a leaf-blower scatters dead leaves or 9% vinegar obliterates mildew (you knew that, right?). And just going out in the back yard for a few minutes every couple of hours has been great, a rejuvenating force. I took this picture during a lunch break and shared it in the chat in an online meeting for work, and we all got a little happier for a moment.

One of my colleagues had even prettier hibiscus blooming in her yard. We didn’t know we shared that passion, and it was nice to connect over it. During this particular meeting, there was a quick dance party at the end. Really. Get on up!

It really is the little things.

Like getting up, getting outside, getting mindful and clearing brain fog.

Thanks for reading, y’all. Stay safe. Tell your stories.

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