Great Essay: I’m Not The Radical Left, I’m The Humane Middle

October 12, 2019

Great Essay: I’m Not The Radical Left, I’m The Humane Middle


I love this essay by John Pavlovitz from his blog, Stuff That Needs to Be Said

Apparently, I’ve been radicalized and I wasn’t aware. Certain people call me the “radical Left” all the time. I never considered myself radical before. I just thought I was normal, ordinary, usual. I thought equity was important to everyone. I imagined America was filled with people who took that Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness… Continue Reading here: I’m Not The Radical Left, I’m The Humane Middle and let let me know what you think.

3 thoughts on “Great Essay: I’m Not The Radical Left, I’m The Humane Middle”

  • I love John Pavlovitz!
    2 people I love immensely turned me on to John. Both are what I consider Christians, a rare find in the “holier-than-thou blame and shame zealots of fundamentalism or Baptist superiority” here in the Deep South.
    One of the people was an ordained Episcopal pastor with a large congregation. Til he pronounced he was gay. He was subtly shunned out. After his anger and hurt, he married his love, and started the Lighthouse Church here on the Coast, for all the “outcasts” on organized beliefs.
    The Church came to it’s senses, and he’s back full tilt boogie, with his “lost flock” cheering him on!
    I shared this on FB and sending it to Father Errol, thanks for reaffirming our humanity.

      • Me too! When my sister visited, I thought we could squeeze service in but we worshipped by riding Beach Blvd from Hwy 90 bridge to Bayou Caddy on her Harley….so empty, overcast, peaceful!!

        The pastor’s name is Errol Montgomery and he’s on FB. He is funny, warm and passionate. We’ll have to go one Sunday-he’s unlike any pastor I have met down here.

        I’m having eye surgery next week, probably 2 or 3 to restore decent vision, so if I vanish, I shall return in a week or so.

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