Haiku: Their Souls were in the Sunset

February 8, 2020

Haiku: Their Souls were in the Sunset


We were in Colorado at Little House in the Rockies last weekend. I was summoned at sunset:

“Kim, get the camera! The sky is fiery!”

The Grill-Meister

I grabbed the camera and snapped, not realizing until the next day that I had the totally wrong lens on it for this kind of picture. It was a macro lens for super-close shots. But somehow, it worked.

Fiery Sunset in the Rocky Mountains

And when I looked at the photo today, I was overcome with this feeling that all of the souls of the loved ones I’ve lost were in that sunsetting sky, leaking out of heaven to connect with me again, in a different way—or to whisper a gossamer goodbye. So I wrote a haiku.

heaven’s leaking souls
luminous skies vibrating
amethyst farewells

Many of you have lost loved ones and are still quietly grieving. Can you see your loved one(s) in that brilliant watercolor sky?

This post is another nod to National Haiku Writing Month, or NaHaiWriMo. More Glover Gardens haiku is here.

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