January Dreaming: the Simple Elegance of a Summer Starter in Paris

January 25, 2020

January Dreaming: the Simple Elegance of a Summer Starter in Paris


In the middle of winter, dreaming of summer…I came across this photo from a meal in Paris last summer, and it made me long for the soft lusciousness of a summer cantaloupe and the warmth of an evening summer breeze in this most delightful city.

A Business Dinner on a Barge

It was a business dinner at a restaurant on “a huge barge resting on the water facing the Bois de Boulogne between the bridges of Suresnes and Saint-Cloud,” according to the description on the Quai Ouest web site. Wowza! I was just a passenger on this dinner journey, a hungry and tired foodie at the end of a long and successful day of workshops. I didn’t have anything to do with the choice of the restaurant or the menu, and I was in for a lovely surprise, along with my 20 colleagues from around the world.

The interior of Quai Ouest
Interior photo from the Quai Ouest web site

Transported by a Refreshing and Very Parisian First Course

The first course of our dinner on this hot day in the City of Lights was a simple plate of cantaloupe and prosciutto drizzled with syrupy, slightly piquant balsamic vinegar, complemented with a super-refreshing melon juice chaser. For a moment, I was transported to 1950s Paris, walking along the River Seine, an accordian playing La Vie en Rose, the musician wearing a beret…a perfect summer meal in Paris will do that to you.

Cantaloupe and Prosciutto

An Entree Suitable for Winter, but Still Delicious

The jambon et melon starter was the anchor for a lovely meal, followed by the entree of boeuf en daube that would be appropriate for a cold January night by the fire (but also delicious).

Beef Stew, Parisian Style
Perfectly plated boeuf en daube, tasting like someone’s grandmother made it

A Lovely Place, Inside and Out

I can’t believe I didn’t take any other pictures that night! But here’s what Quai Ouest looks like at night, from their web site. It was a lovely evening and memorable with really smart people and great food.

January Dreaming

I’m January dreaming…and hoping to go back to Paris soon.

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