Martin Luther King Day Haiku

January 20, 2020

Martin Luther King Day Haiku


Prejudice says "Them."
Open-heartedness says "Us."
We shall overcome.

3 thoughts on “Martin Luther King Day Haiku”

  • Happy New Year Kim!
    Did you know that today Mississippi celebrates MLK Jr. But in the most insensitive, hypocritical move ever, MS also celebrates General Robert E Lee’s birthday as well. The first time I saw the notice on MS Employment Offices, I thought it was a joke in bad taste. Since then 3 governors have said straight-faced that they don’t see anything inappropriate about that! Mississippi still refuses to see their role in the Civil War as honorable, not about slavery and the War and its generals deserve a celebration of their “heritage”…..wonder what black Mississippians feel is THEIR heritage?
    Do you have your Bird cruiser yet?

    • Wow, that is so…unbelievable. I literally have no words. But I should have some words, so that it’s clear where I stand. Whitewashing the past is wrong wrong wrong. Making heroes out of folks who led others to reinforce wrongs (slavery, in this instance) is wrong wrong wrong. The optimist in me, though, sees progress – 50 years ago, it would’ve just been Robert E Lee Day, and now, at least, MLK is recognized. The millennials will wake the world up, and in 50 more years, no more Robert E Lee Day. Just my humble opinion…

      • Absolutely, our young people save the day I think in EVERY generation….the nature of youth. After 25 years here I have reached a level of disgust and frustration with Mississippi’s alleged leadership. We have not really budged from our low rankings in so many critical categories…and yet, Mississippians keep repeating that insanity of electing conservative (and subsidized by corporations) old white guys over and over. As my genius daughter told me, “Mom, conservative literally means no change and liberal means forward thinking”…..

        I saw an ad for the US Air Force recently. It was 8 or so women jet fighter pilots standing on the tarmac. I burst into tears (in a good way). When I was a teen, that concept was so ludicrous, it went beyond just a fantasy. It was a “not a chance in a million Hells would that happen”!!!!! My daughter looks askance at me when I tell her that there were ZERO (ok maybe 2) commercial pilots, no MDs, no lawyers, no CEOs, no global leaders, no judges, Senators, etc when I was young in the 60s. So we have made tremendous strides very quickly. In many areas.

        It was 100 yrs ago women got to vote. And already women have gotten complacent about it. A study showed that 20 MILLION women who could’ve voted in 2016 did not. (6 million were women who did not register and 13 million who just didn’t bother). Wouldn’t this nation have a kinder soul if all of them had voted?

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