Pretty Little Weed, a Mindful Haiku for the New Year

January 1, 2020

Pretty Little Weed, a Mindful Haiku for the New Year


After years of losing focus on them, I no longer believe in New Year’s resolutions. But as each new year unfolds, I do like to reflect on what I could do differently and better. Along those lines, one of the bloggers I follow, the Storyteller, recommends choosing a theme word each year (his for 2020 is positive). The word, or koan, is a guidepost for the year. I like that idea and have given it some thought, landing on mindful, the concept of being fully present. I’d like to get better at being in the moment, truly living, absorbing, feeling, whatever it is that I’m doing. Being more mindful, overall.

In the moment and actively listening when I’m with another person (virtually or physically), making them feel heard and assuming their good intent. 

Totally present and walking in the shoes of the characters when I read a book, instead of letting my mind wander. 

Concentrating on the story if I choose to watch TV or a movie, because if it is interesting enough for me to invest an hour or more in, I would probably get more out of it I didn’t multitask. 

More aware of nature, to fully appreciate all that it has to offer. 

Listening to our world as it cries out to be better cared for.

More purposefully choosing how I spend my time, even if that choice is simply to sit on a park bench and muse. 

Focusing on things I want to learn, such as how to become a better photographer or birder, rather than wasting my time on meaningless activities.

Speaking and writing more thoughtfully, both here in the blog and out there in the world.

Being more silent, to hear the voice of God.

That’s all, except for a haiku that sprung from a weed when I was practicing mindfulness yesterday at my in-laws’. At almost 90, they are usually cold, and keep their home at a sweat-inducing tropical 75° in the winter. Never cold myself, I coped by popping outdoors a few times, and saw this weed in their driveway. I sat down and really looked at it, and a haiku immediately formed. (Haiku is one of my key mindfulness activities, helping me to concentrate on the simple but meaningful things in life.)

 what a pretty weed
(but are you really a weed?)
let's redefine you
small weed with purple flowers
Pretty Little Weed

Wishing you a year of mindful happiness in 2020. 

And oh, what would be your word if you chose one this year?

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