Poem for Loved Ones Who Are Hurting

September 14, 2021

Poem for Loved Ones Who Are Hurting

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It is so hard when people you love are in pain. This poem is a lament turned hopeful for peace and healing to come from abject sorrow.

Grief is a wound

Bandaging Wounds

how do you dress 
the wounds 
you can’t see? 
what bandage 
will salve 
the damage 
to you 
and me?

how to address
the grief
our walls hide?
what words will
break the 
dams we 

how do we build
a new
hope to
how to 
return to
peace and 
just grab it?

something in me
knows your
soul and
respects it; 
that voice 
also says
give time 
for reflection

can time passing
stop the
we will 
only know 
when we 
start recovering

questions always
in my 
heart: will my
help your
process start?

we love you,
soul in
and will
help you get
those open
wounds dressed

the answers aren’t 
clear and
the pain 
is gray-stark
but the love 
and the hope
will lighten
the dark

© 2021, Glover Gardens

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