Putting My Better Foot Forward (and a haiku)

January 19, 2019

Putting My Better Foot Forward (and a haiku)


Things are quiet here at Glover Gardens because I’ve just had foot surgery.

The Musical Millennial was my day surgery chauffeur, and I kept my foot elevated per instructions.


My last bunion surgery a few years ago didn’t heal properly and my big toe stuck out like a sore thumb. Literally. I’m so excited to get my bum foot fixed, put my much-better foot forward, and get back to being a super-active person again, instead of just a sorta-kinda-active person.

But first, there’s a taking-it-easy period. Light duty for me, with The Grill-Meister doing the lion’s share of the daily grind at Glover Gardens. Bless him. He has warmed up my coffee three times today while I recline like a princess with an ugly black boot instead of a glass slipper. But hey, maybe glass slippers are now back in my future!

The cat is happy to keep me company while I’m convalescing.

Fiona found a semi-permanent lap

Back to the surgery itself: the doctor and hospital staff were marvelous. They were warm and caring, professional and efficient, even funny. About ten of them swarmed me in the operating room to get me ready, and I couldn’t keep up with my ‘Curious Kim’ questions. One of the nurses laughed and said that they perform together like an Indy 500 pit crew. Great analogy! It inspired me to conjure up a haiku as I was drifting off. Or was it as I was waking up?

Haiku: Swarmed in the Operating Room

pit crew in scrubs with
military precision
fixing my bum foot

Thank you to Dr. Donald Falknor and the staff at Memorial Hermann Southwest Day Surgery. (By the way, these were not the folks who did my bunionectomy-gone-wrong a few years ago!)

Life is good. I’m about to put my better foot forward!

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10 thoughts on “Putting My Better Foot Forward (and a haiku)”

  • I can sure relate to foot surgery. Had Morton’s Neuroma surgery I think it was in 2011. Was working at school, and my cute special needs children made me a funny card they drew themselves. Felt like a nail going through the bottom of my foot every time I took a step before the surgery, and just about as bad afterward, but was better ultimately than taking shots every two weeks or so for “pain.” The shots I think caused more pain than most anything.

    So I can definitely relate. Feet are very sensitive, and it is good that we can get them fixed. Stay warm and dry and keep off that foot as much as you can. Anne

    • Yes, indeed, it’s “good that we can get them fixed,” as you say. Sorry you had a neuroma – those are exceedingly painful! Have you posted a picture of the card from the children you taught? It sounds lovely and charming. Those types of things are heirlooms, aren’t they?

      • I must find those wonderful “cards” made by my little ones. So truly cute and so straight from the heart. I know they are here somewhere and I have to remember what I did with them as I keep anything that has meaning for me (and then some). Will try to remember to check for them.

    • Thanks, Jason, it’s Back to Work Day today and I’m going to be clomping about in that clunky boot. My goal is to heal quickly and get on the ski slopes before the end of the season. 🙂

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