Random Thankful Lists

November 21, 2018

Random Thankful Lists

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I am thankful for…

bright blue sunny skies

quiet and rainy afternoons

warm blankets on snowy nights

murder mysteries and PBS

guilty pleasures

wine by the fire

cooking with friends and family

food magazines

pepper(s) of all kinds




cast iron

Turner Classic Movies


brown eyes

quiet and enlightening conversations


traveling to places familiar and unknown

health insurance

I am thankful for…

meaningful work

stimulating challenges

surprising opportunities

unexpected blessings

authentic hugs

spontaneous smiles


tears of joy

having learned from mistakes

listening and being heard


I am thankful for…

music and musicians

birds and bird-watchers

cameras and photographers

poetry and poets

gardens and gardeners

books and writers

art and artists

chefs and restaurants

I am thankful for…

clever people

who make me laugh

warm and optimistic people

who give me hope

servant leaders who teach

creative minds 

that look at the world in new ways

smart people

who develop practical solutions

loyal friends 


family (born and chosen)

unbreakable bonds

people who pray and people who do

soldiers, first responders and protesters

good and loving people of all kinds

who make the world better

in their own ways

I am thankful for…

cats who cradle

dogs that wag

mountains that loom majestic

snow that sparkles

sand on my toes

the roar of waves

aspen trees

honey bees

wildlife and wilderness

the wind in my face

I am thankful for…


the wisdom of children


the friendship of strangers

faithfulness and forgiveness

acceptance and love



collaboration and community

free speech



I am thankful for…

faith of all kinds

I am thankful for…


I am thankful for…


Kim with Camera.jpg
that’s me, thankful for the camera, the snow, the birds and this amazing life

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