Still Life: Redfish in Orange Basket

December 11, 2020

Still Life: Redfish in Orange Basket

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We were at Kimball’s at the harbor in Pass Christian buying shrimp—as one does when anywhere in the vicinity—and a fisherman brought his catch to sell. Eight fish, 28.8 pounds. Redfish.

How cool that we were there to witness the fresh catch passing from fisherman to purveyor of seafood! You don’t see that kind of thing in the city, my friends.

I’ve been to Kimball’s enough in our visits to Gumbo Cove that they know how curious I am, and that I’m a shutterbug. Polly picked up the basket to show me the fish before I even asked her. She’s awesome.

Redfish in Orange Basket

A literal still life.

It’s easy to see why they’re called redfish!

I was itching to rearrange the belly-up fish to make them a little more photogenic, but I thought that might be wearing out my welcome a little. I still like the picture a lot.

Kimball’s is Back After Hurricane Zeta

We were delighted to see that Kimball’s is back in it’s rightful place on the harbor. Hurricane Zeta, our October Surprise storm, was not kind to the Mississippi coast, tossing around boats like toys, damaging structures, tearing off roofs, scattering debris everywhere and shuttering businesses.

Two weeks ago, just before Thanksgiving and about 4 weeks after the hurricane, we made the trek to over the St. Louis Bay bridge and were very dismayed to see that Kimball’s and the other seafood sellers were gone, and that part of the harbor was closed for hurricane repairs. But we followed the seagulls to some shrimp boats in another section, asked about Kimball’s and got directions to their temporary home a few blocks inland.

Yay! Kimball’s has been in business since the 1940s, and it take more than a hurricane shutting down the harbor to keep them from selling fresh seafood. We were so glad to see Polly, and she let us take her picture. You can see the hurricane debris in the background.

Today, Kimball’s is in fine form, back on their spot in the harbor, doing their regular business. We left with two pounds of 16/20 shrimp and happy hearts.

A New Roof Before the Rains Come

And now, I’m about to peel the shrimp in preparation for dinner, accompanied by the sounds of roofers atop our house here at Gumbo Cove. Tomorrow, the rain comes, so we are very glad this part of our Hurricane Zeta Recovery Project will be finished today.

It’s the little things, my friends.

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