Impromptu Texas-Sized Surf and Turf in Edinburgh

December 4, 2019

Impromptu Texas-Sized Surf and Turf in Edinburgh

Sometimes, meals surprise me. I travel a fair bit and try to venture outside the hotel where I’m staying to have food adventures, but every once in a while, the comfort and ease of eating just steps away from where you can rest your jet-lagged head is too tempting.

So I wasn’t expecting a Texas-sized offering when I ordered the Scottish Beef Burger as part of an Edinburgh hotel’s set menu: two courses and a glass of wine for a fixed price of only 15€.

I must have been a little homesick to choose a burger, don’t you think? Unless I applied the label of “surf and turf,” it didn’t seem go at all with the surprisingly good, foodie-worthy first course, which was poached smoked trout with a celeriac remoulade, apple salad and venison Scotch egg. That’s right, dear Foodie Readers, a venison Scotch egg: delicious, innovative, not something you find on a menu every day.

Poached Smoked Trout
Foodie-worthy smoked poached trout with a venison Scotch egg and yummy condiments!

As it is in Texas, the first course could’ve been the whole meal. Then when the burger arrived, I was astounded by its size. I was starting to think I was back home in Houston!

There were two giant slabs of bacon on this epic burger, enough for a meal in themselves. Y’all know that UK bacon is Super-Bacon, right? The cheese was strategically melted over the bacon and topped with dark, slightly sweet cartelized onions. I literally never expected a burger to be this good in a hotel, much less a hotel in Europe. I’m not a snob, just a little inexperienced—I only have a burger about once a year, usually in the Southwest United States. Although there was that one other burger in Edinburgh…the Butcher Bad Boy Burger. My colleagues and I make it a point to seek out the Butcher Bad Boy every time we’re in Edinburgh. Maybe burgers are a thing in Scotland???

The fabulous Bad Boy Burger at Edinburgh’s hipster food court atop Waverly Mall

So thank you to the Apex Grassmarket Hotel for my fabulous impromptu surf and turf meal, and giving me faith once again in hotel restaurant meals.